Burpham Primary School

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Pastoral Support Groups in School:



The Kindness Club


A place where we recognise children who go above and beyond in showing kindness to members of their family.


A place where those children are celebrated and rewarded with focused attention and have time to enjoy an activity planned especially for them.


A place where they can access support, advice, information and guidance for any worries they may have.

 Our Kindness Club is a group focusing on all children who have a sibling or parent with any health difficulties, but with an emphasis on the pupils themselves and celebrating their achievements.  The group will have some children who are registered young carers who have caring responsibilities at home, and some who's life may be impacted only slightly from their siblings/parents needs.  Our aim is to make sure they know we are aware of this, and that there is someone to talk to and get support from if needed. 

We meet once a half term for about 45 minutes.


The Friendly Group


We have developed a new group in school to support those pupils who want to make friends and do things with other children but who can be overwhelmed by unpredictable anxiety and frustrations. The group aims to help our young people to process their emotions, reduce their anxiety and relate better to others, but each group is adapted to meet the needs of the children in the group and the areas of difficulty identified by their teachers.

This will take the form of six weekly sessions about 30 – 40 minutes long  during the afternoon, before the end of school and will be run by Mrs Jill Beaumont (Home School Link Worker) and Mrs Hannah Brinklow (ELSA).

The framework and training for the course has been developed by a former teacher and Educational Psychologist Anita Hughes.


Supporting your child into school

Struggling to get your child into school?  Print out our support pack and get some helpful hints and tips to make things easier.



Young Carers


At Burpham Primary School we are continuing to develop our support for young carers.  Young carers are young people who have caring roles for family members or friends with physical or mental health problems or disabilities, or drug or alcohol problems.


The HSLW is the Young Carers Champion in school.  The HSLW liaises with pupils, families and staff in order to ensure that pupils who are carers are able to achieve and to enjoy their education. The school is in contact with Surrey Young Carers, a charity to whom the school can refer for advice and guidance and some fun “time-out” activities and groups.


If your family is affected by any of these issues, and you and your son/daughter would like support plus an opportunity to attend a half-termly fun group session, please complete the form attached and return to the office, or contact the HSLW at the school so that we can arrange to talk. 


If no help is required at the moment, the school would still appreciate your sharing of any circumstances that may have an impact upon your child’s education as they progress through the school.  This will allow us to be aware and offer support as required.  Anything you do tell us will be treated sensitively and will not be shared without your knowledge.


This video may give an insight in the role of young carers.  It is estimated that there are 2 in every class room across the country.



We are very fortunate in Surrey to have the Surrey Young Carers charity based here in Guildford.  The HSLW is very happy to make a referral to them at any time. They say:

Surrey Young Carers has been supporting young carers across the county since 1996

We are here to support you in your caring role, help you to achieve your best at school, have fun, discover new interests and make new friends

Please have a look at their website and get in touch with me if you feel your child could benefit from their support:

Young Carers (Action for Carers)