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Robins & Finches (Year 1)


 Welcome to Year 1 and The Robins and Finches


           Jessica Lamb                                    Lynne Rose               

               Finches' Class Teacher            Robins' Class Teacher           




Geraldine Earlam       Christine Noakes         Jenny  Uwins

          LSA                                       LSA                                      LSA 


    Laura Wickwar          Dimpal Kotecha          Debbie Preston                Jo O'Connor

                                        LSA                   LSA                          LSA                            LSA

Final Newsletter

The summer holidays begin this week! Take a look at our final newsletter for a message from the Year 1 team and some ideas for learning over the summer.  Well done for all your hard work this year Robins and Finches!

Final newsletter

Summer 2 - Week 7

It's our final week of home learning activities! Enjoy a selection of our favourite end-of-year tasks.

This week's home learning

Summer 2 - Week 6

It's an unusual topic this week! Click below to find out more.

This week's home learning

You're doing so well Year 1.  Keep up the hard work!

Summer 2 - Week 5

Hello Year 1.  We've got a brand new animal topic for you this week - The Jungle!  Keep up the hard work.

This week's home learning

Rumble in the Jungle poem

Toucan clip

Chimpanzee clip

Tiger clip

Summer 2 - Week 4

Hello Robins and Finches! We hope you enjoyed our topic this week and are still working hard at home.  We're still missing you lots, so have left you a message this week.  Make sure you follow the link on the newsletter to watch it. We've got an exciting topic coming up - Life under the Ocean.  Enjoy your week!

Love Mrs Rose and Miss Lamb

This week's home learning

Maths sheet 1

Maths sheet 2

Maths sheet 3

Under the sea Maths sheet

Under the sea PowerPoint

Summer 2 - Week 3

Our next topic is Minibeasts.  Take a look at the timetable this week to give you ideas about how we would complete all the activities at school.  Keep going with your hard work Year 1!

Love Miss Lamb and Mrs Rose

This week's home learning

Maths sheet 1

Maths sheet 2

Maths sheet 3

Spider PowerPoint


Summer 2 - Week 2

This week we are learning all about the summer season.  Find the links to the Maths sheets below.  Enjoy!

This week's home learning

Maths sheet 1

Maths sheet 2

Maths sheet 3

Maths sheet 4

Summer 2 - Week 1

Hello Robins and Finches! We hope you enjoyed half term.  This week we are looking at the world close to home.   You can find the plans and resources below. Have a super week!

This week's home learning

Thank you so much to Year 1 and all your parents for our fantastic video!  It has made us smile and laugh so much and we have been watching it over and over! We are glad to see so many of you having so much fun at home.  Keep taking care of yourselves and your families and we will see you again soon.

Love all the Year 1 team x


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Year 1's Recipe Book

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Weather Diary April and May 2020

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