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Robins & Finches (Year 1)


 Welcome to Year 1 and The Robins and Finches


           Jessica Lamb                                    Lynne Rose               

               Finches' Class Teacher            Robins' Class Teacher           




Geraldine Earlam       Christine Noakes         Jenny  Uwins

          LSA                                       LSA                                      LSA 


    Laura Wickwar          Dimpal Kotecha          Debbie Preston                Jo O'Connor

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Friday 3rd April

Good morning Year 1.  We've reached the end of term! We're so proud of all your hard work this term.  We have learnt about castles and the Queen, Jack and the Beanstalk, the Arctic and Antarctic, Africa, the Billy Goats Gruff and much more.  This term is also when we started learning to add and subtract to 20 and to recognise that some sneaky letters in phonics don't always make the sound we thought!  We've also now had two weeks of home learning and we have been enjoying hearing about the wide range of activities you have been trying at home.

Enjoy your break! Keep washing your hands, chatting to your family and friends and having lots of fun at home.



Miss Lamb, Mrs Rose, Mrs Wickwar, Mrs Earlam, Mrs Uwins, Mrs Preston, Mrs O'Connor, Mrs Kotecha, Mrs Noakes, Mrs Boylett and Mr Webb

(Look for a new pic of the week further down the page.)

Thursday 2nd April

Hello Robins and Finches
Mrs Uwins here.
I was just remembering it was Thursday today and you know what Thursday means.........It's our Music Lesson!
As I won't be seeing you this week, I thought I would just send you a quick message to see if you would like to make some Music at home today. How about a bit of Bucket Drumming?
All you need is a bucket and two wooden spoons.  You can hit the bucket on the top, on the rim, on the sides and then hit the sticks together in the air.
Have a look on Google at Gordo Drummer. He is bucket drumming in the shopping centre.
I wonder if you can remember one of the genres we have looked at in Music and Bucket Drum along to one of the songs in that genre.
How fast is the pulse when you are Bucket Drumming?
I would love to hear what Genre you chose to bucket drum to and if you could send me any pictures, I would love that!
Happy Drumming.
Love Mrs Uwins x

Wednesday 1st April

Good morning everyone! Did you know that it is April Fool's Day today? This means you can tell lots of funny jokes to each other. For example;

What do you call a dinosaur that is sleeping?

A dino-snore!

Why was 6 afraid of 7?

Because 7 8 9 !

Why don't you make your own  joke books today, to make everyone laugh. Let us know some of your favourite  jokes. You could write them down and email them to us, using capital letters, full stops and question marks.

Have a lovely day !

Click here to read some of the Year 1 team's favourite jokes!

Tuesday 31st March

Hello year 1! How are you? It's Miss Lamb and Mrs Rose here again. We're starting to get excited about Easter? If we were at school, we would have been learning about why we have eggs at Easter. Do you know? You can find out here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/newsround/17597617 Email us a few facts to show what you have found out.

As we are at home so much now, we have both been thinking about decorating the house for Easter.  Why don't you try making an Easter Egg tree either inside or out? You could decorate some eggs, before hanging them from a tree. Here are some ideas:

Easter eggs to colour

Real eggs

Easter egg trees

Send us some photos of your decorations!

(When we write tomorrow, it will be a different month. Do you know what month it will be? Will it be the same season or a different season?)

Monday 30th March

Good morning Robins and Finches. We hope that you had a good weekend and are all keeping well. Thank you to  those who have already emailed us. It is lovely to see all the wonderful work and activities that you are doing at home.  A newsletter will be going out today with lots more ideas for activities that you can do at home to support your learning. 

Keep washing those hands!

Have a super day x

Year 1 Letter and Newsletter 30.3.20

Friday 27th March

Good morning  Robins and Finches.  We hope you are still making the most of this beautiful weather.   Let us know what you are doing to keep fit and active. Maybe you are taking part in the Jo Wicks workouts  or the Cosmic Yoga sessions. Do you remember when we did the 'Star Wars' session in the school hall? It was great fun. 

 Remember to be helpful at home. You could make a job list to help your grown up.

Have a lovely day!

Thursday 26th March

Hello again Year 1! How are you? What's it like learning from home?  Thank you to those of you who have already emailed.  We have loved seeing your photos and reading your work.  The sun is shining again! Why don't you have a go at the 'Touchy Feely Box' activity today?  Or, on a Thursday, it is normally our Music lesson.  Maybe you could create a band like in the example below. What instrument would you like to play in the band?

We hope you have a super day again! 

Wednesday 25th March

Good morning Robins and Finches! The sun is shining again and we hope you are able to make the most of the weather. Maybe you could go outside and practise writing your spellings in chalks or with a paintbrush and water.

Have any of you made a teepee yet for your teddy or even for yourself?

We would love to hear from you all.  Enjoy the day! 

Tuesday 24th March

Good morning everyone! We hope you enjoyed your first day of home learning.  Did you join Joe Wicks in his PE lesson? Or maybe you spent some of the day finding out about something you love. Whatever activity you tried, let us know!

On Saturday it's Earth Hour at 8.30pm.  People across the world are going to turn off lights and devices.  Why not prepare by making a beautiful recycled lantern to help you see in the dark?


Or if you look further down the page, there are new ideas for some craft and outdoor activities.



Monday 23rd March

Hello Robins and Finches! It's Miss Lamb and Mrs Rose here. We hope you're enjoying your first day of home learning.  We've uploaded a possible timetable for your families to follow with you each day to keep you busy.  Whatever you decide to do, we would love to see some photos of it.  We will try to reply to you all, but please be patient. If you'd like us to put some photos up on the website for your friends to see, let us know in your email. Have fun!

Why not start your home learning with a PE lesson to help you stay as active as you are at school? Visit The Body Coach on Youtube on Monday at 9am.  Joe Wicks will be running a PE lesson Mondays to Fridays. You will be able to join thousands of other children doing the same!

Please find below ideas of how you can support your child at home over the next few weeks. We have put together activities for reading and phonics, writing and Maths. Try one from each section each day. We hope you and your child have lots of fun completing them. 

Pic of the Week

Spellings this week

.Rainbow  Pictures

Create a rainbow picture to display in your window, so that other children and adults can spot them whilst out for a walk. You could use crayons, felt tips, paints or even make a collage using different types of paper. The idea is to make people smile when they see them!


Touchy Feely Boxes

Outdoor Learning Activity

You will need an eggbox or something similar. Your challenge is to find 6 materials that all feel different , to place in each compartment. 

Can you describe what they feel like? Can you now organise the materials whilst blindfolded! Challenge someone else in your household to do the same.

 Rainbow  Chips

       Make a range of different coloured tokens.  (see below)   Your challenge is to go outside and find a match in nature, e.g. flowers, leaves

Which colours were the easiest/hardest to match and why?




Teepee for Teddy
Can you make a simple shelter for teddy
and friends indoors or out?

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