Burpham Foundation Primary School

Burpham Lane, Guildford, Surrey, GU4 7LZ


01483 572510

School Council

At Burpham we greatly value the opinions of our pupils and the School Council acts as a vehicle for delivering pupil voice which is used to impact decisions made in the running of the school. At the beginning of the Autumn term, prospective candidates complete a written application form to be considered for the role of school councillor for each class. They present their case to their peers and elections then take place  with ballot slips and a polling station. The winning candidate is elected for the whole of the academic year. School Council meetings are held regularly in the staff room with Mrs Marsden and there is a notice board opposite the hall door with pictures of all the school councillors and information about the projects they have been working on.


School Council members 2019-20

Robins & Finches: Poppy C and Thomas W

Owls and Nightingales: Emile T and Finlay H

Woodpeckers and Kingfishers: Oliver G and Annabel W

Jays and Doves: Leo G and Emily S

Falcons and Kestrels: Emma D and Rose H

Eagles and Ospeys: Ayla I and Dani V


School Council Achievements 2018-19

  • Helped to improve lunchtimes by conducting a playground survey to find out what activities pupils like best. This helped to inform the new playground structure with zoned areas that was introduced in January 2019. 


  • Took part in the selection process for a new catering company. This involved a lot of food tasting and giving honest and constructive feedback 


  • Raised over £400 for new playground equipment by running ice cream stalls after school and choosing how to spend the money. We would  like to thank Mrs Douglas for all her help with this amazing venture


  • Helped to launch the new recycling initiative whereby crisp packets, pens and toothbrushes can be diverted from landfill