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Our Curriculum (including whole school overview)

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At Burpham Primary School we offer an exciting, engaging, and challenging curriculum which allows learners to “spread their wings and fly high!” Our curriculum is well-planned, thought-provoking, and enhanced through a range of enrichment opportunities throughout the year. Covering all National Curriculum subjects allows staff to interleave learning across the curriculum which, in turn, supports children to embed their learning into their long-term memory.  

Underpinning our curriculum are the four key principles that we want every child to be throughout their time at Burpham Primary School: 

  • Safe 
  • Included 
  • Inspired 
  • Successful 

We pride ourselves on being an inclusive school and this is reflected across our curriculum. We take every opportunity to ensure that our children learn about the diverse world they live in and to prepare them to become respectful global citizens of the future. 


The curriculum is sequenced logically and builds on previous learning. Staff are aware of children’s prior knowledge and skills and develop these further through the planning and delivery of high-quality lessons. Subject Leads – supported by SLT - oversee the progression and sequencing of their curriculum areas.  

The Mastery-learning model forms the approach to much of our teaching. We believe that the vast majority of children are capable of learning anything if that learning is presented in the right way. At Burpham no child will be taught content from the year group above them; instead of being accelerated vertically, the curriculum is extended horizontally to enable pupils to develop mastery in a subject. Learning takes place at a steadier and deeper pace, with the aim that no child is left behind, as well as providing richer experiences for children. Pupils will be given the opportunity to develop a deeper understanding through encountering more complex problems; demonstrate higher levels of thinking and present their ideas in an increasingly sophisticated way. 

We aim to use all the space in school in our teaching – indoor and outdoor – to inspire children to experience their learning in a range of ways. We believe that understanding the skills required for learning is important and supports children in their journey through primary school. As such, we have developed our own Learning 2 Learn characters that model key skills required for learning and allow the children to talk about and reflect on their own learning.  

Reading is held in high regard in the school and we believe that getting early reading right opens doors across all subjects for children. Reading is embedded across the curriculum and children have many opportunities throughout the day to practise reading and reading skills. Not only is the skill of reading important but also having a love for reading is vital. We develop a love for reading through exposing children to a range of texts in learning and for pleasure, enrichment activities such as World Book Day and author/storyteller experiences and well-stocked libraries. 

Highly engaging and memorable learning experiences and opportunities enhance our curriculum. Enrichment activities run hand-in-hand with the learning in class to ensure children have a full understanding of their learning, for example visiting the local lock to support learning about rivers in Geography; creating fire to complement learning about the Stone Age; or holding a World War II Day in school to support learning about the Blitz.  


By the end of their time at Burpham Primary School, children will have a fully rounded knowledge of all subjects covered in the National Curriculum; they will be ready for the next stage of their educational journey. Children will feel included and be able to include others; they will be inspired and be able to discuss who or what inspires them; and they will be successful and able to celebrate the range of their and others’ successes. 

You can see our whole school curriculum overview below and more detailed information on the subject pages:



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