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Religious Education

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Year 5 recently took on the role of detectives at the Jerusalem Police Department! They were tasked with looking at the evidence surrounding the Christian belief that Jesus rose from the dead on Easter Sunday. They visited the crime scene, interviewed key witnesses and made incident boards before reviewing all of their evidence!

Year 6 have been enjoying using our brand new Bibles in their RE lessons! They have also been looking at how faith can be expressed through the arts.

RE at Burpham

At Burpham Primary School, we follow the Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education in Surrey Schools (2017-2022) which places great importance on pupils’ Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development. Religious Education gives children in Burpham Primary School the opportunity to reflect on and learn from the faiths and beliefs of those around them and we believe that Religious Education has much to offer our children as they prepare for life in this rapidly changing world, where critical thinking and discernment will be ever more important and valuable.


Through the teaching of Religious Education at Burpham Primary School, our children:


  • Can make sense of the world and their place in it
  • Can connect learning from different religions and non-religious views
  • Are tolerant and respectful of different religions and non-religious views
  • Have a good depth of knowledge of what they are learning and can connect ideas and recall previous learning. 


In the table below, you can see a summary of the topics taught in each year group. 



Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2


What can we learn from stories?

What makes a place special?

What makes our world wonderful?

What makes something special?

Who am I and where do I belong?

Why do we have celebrations?

Year 1

Why is the Bible an important book for Christians?

Why did Jesus tell parables?

Why is Christmas important to Christians?

Why is ‘Church’ important to Christians?

Who is Jesus?

What do eggs have to do with Easter?

What is important for Muslim families?

Who is Allah and how do Muslims worship him?

In what way is the mosque special to Muslims?

Year 2

What do Christians believe God is like?

Why do Christians call Jesus ‘Saviour’?

What does the Christmas story tell Christians about Jesus?

Why do Jewish families celebrate Shabbat?

What is the Torah and why is it important to Jews?

Why is Easter important to Christians?

Is prayer important to everyone?

What are symbols and why do religions use them?

Why should we look after our world?

Year 3

Why do Christians call God ‘Father’?

How did Jesus change lives?

Why are presents given at Christmas – and what might Jesus think about it all?

How did the Church begin?

Why do Christians share communion?

What happened – and what matters most to Christians?

What are important times for Jews?

How can a synagogue help us to understand the Jewish faith?

What does it mean to be a Jew?

Year 4

Why is praying important for Christians?

Is Christian worship the same all around the world?

How can artists help us understand Christmas?

What do Sikh’s value?

How do people celebrate new life?

How does Lent help Christians prepare for Easter?

How does the Bible reveal God’s rescue plan?

Why do Christians worship Jesus Christ?

Year 5

How did Jesus’ teaching challenge people?

How is God Three – and yet One?

Why is light an important sign at Christmas?

Who did Jesus say ‘I AM’?

Adam, Eve, Christmas, Easter: what are the connections?

How do Christians know what happened at Easter?

How can a mosque help us to understand the Muslim faith?

How do the pillars of Islam help Muslims live a good life?

How can we all live together in one world?

Year 6

How can churches help us to understand Christian belief?

How do people express their faith through the Arts?

What do the Gospels say about the birth of Jesus – and why is it ‘good news’?

What helps Hindus to worship?

What does it mean to be a Hindu?

Did Jesus have to die?

What is the ‘Buddhist way of life’?

What is Wisdom?

How did it all begin?


If you have any queries about Religious Education, please contact Miss Tulié (RE Subject Lead) - ltulie@burpham.surrey.sch.uk

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