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Welcome to Reception

Wrens and Puffins

Learning in Early Years looks different each and everyday. Check in often for updates on things we have been doing!


Mrs Booth  

Wrens' Class Teacher 


 Mrs Franklin 

Puffins' Class Teacher & EYFS Lead

Mrs Taylor

Puffins' Class Teacher





 Mrs Briski


Mrs Coultman-Stroud


Mrs Durbridge


 Mrs Hughes


Mrs Nicholls


Mrs Primrose


Mrs Rowan



We have been looking at the books by Julia Donaldson.  So far we have read Room on the Broom and The Snail and the Whale and next week we are going to focus our attention on Stick Man.  Here are some pictures of our activities.  We have been making snails out of play dough and paper and looking at some snails that Mrs Booth and Mrs Franklin found in their gardens.  We have been learning about four sided shapes and making them on the peg boards with elastic bands and making square windows and rectangle doors for a house made out of a box.  We have been painting the sea and seeing whether we can blow the paint to make a picture.  We told stories around the fire and picked up bugs to make a potion.  We have been imagining our journeys on the train track that we built and investigating the landscapes and animals that live in different hot and cold places in the world that the whale visited.

For the last two weeks we have been learning about Autumn.  We went on an Autumn walk and have been using leaves and conkers and lots of other natural things that we have gathered from home.  We have been making pictures, doing leaf rubbing, making patterns, leaf kebabs and investigating more closely with our magnifying glasses.  We have learned about how hedgehogs hibernate and some of us have started planting bulbs in our outdoor area.  

Reception Curriculum meeting Autumn 2022

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This week in the Wrens and Puffins we have been looking at the story of the 3 little Pigs.  We have been role playing the story; building our own solid walls out of lego and blocks; using 3d shapes to draw houses and printing with sponges, straws and toothbrushes to make our own house pictures.  In the discovery area we have been trying to find the best material to make a roof for the 3 little pigs so they keep dry.  In Maths we have been looking at bigger and smaller and more and less.  We are using our counting wands to count things we have found.

Reception Autumn term newsletter 2022

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EYFS Autumn term curriculum map

Phonics in Reception

Here at Burpham, we follow 'Essential Letters and Sounds prgramme' for our daily phonics lessons.

Please see the video below to support your children with pronouncing their Phase 2 sounds :-)


Phase 2 sounds in the order they are taught with the mnemonic to support letter formation.

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Home Learning

Please use the flash cards we have sent home to consolidate sounds

Read stories daily

Play games together - practice turn taking, seeing numbers on a dice and counting the spaces.

Bake or cook something - following instructions, measuring, exploring the reactions

Educational apps that make learning fun

 - Teach your monster to read

 - phonics play

 - Cbeebies explore

 - Reading eggs

 - Voice recorder (read a sentence to the app and listen to it back in a silly voice!)

CEOP website supporting online safety through an interactive game.

The new interactive website encourages 4-7s to engage safely online by helping them to recognise worrying, upsetting or scary situations and reinforcing the key message that they should ‘Tell A Grown Up’ in these instances.

The website is divided into sections for 4-5 and 6-7 year olds and features relevant and age-appropriate games for the chosen age bracket. Each game focuses on one of four topics:

  • watching videos
  • chatting online
  • sharing pictures
  • gaming online
The Jessie & Friends episodes are also available to watch on the new website to enhance understanding.
Take a look at the new website