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Geography at Burpham

A child should leave Burpham with a good understanding of the framework of the world, including continents, oceans, climatic zones & biomes,.  They should have a detailed knowledge of the UK, Europe (Santorini)  and North and South America (Amazon Rainforest) plus some other areas in the world (Kenya, West Africa, North & South Poles, Ethiopia, China, St Lucia, Eygpt).  They will have a clear understanding of the local area of Burpham within Guildford and its place within the South East.  They will have made comparisons between our local area and the UK in general with other areas of the world and will have thought about how our local area has changed over time.  They will understand key geographical vocabulary related to physical and human features and processes.  They will be able to carry out investigations using a range of geographical questions, skills and sources of information including a variety of maps, graphs and images.  They can express and explain their opinions and recognise why others may have different points of view.

Year 1 learn about hot and cold areas of the world.

Year 2 used a compass to draw a 360 degree picture of the school grounds.

Reception made a map of the playground.

Reception drew a map of their route to school.

Year 4 go to Juniper Hall and look at the landscape and some rivers fieldwork.

Supporting your child with Geography

Map reading is an essential life skill and it is incredibly valuable for your child to have experience of this within their usual family trips and outings.  Why not use a tube map on your next trip to London or look at an atlas and discuss your next holiday destination?  During this past year, many of us have spent a lot more time walking - why don't you share the route using an OS map or download the Ordnance Survey App for your phone to plot your progress on a walk?


Current local issues can be discovered by reading the letters page in the Surrey Advertiser.   This is a really great way of discussing with your children what their opinion is on the hot topics of the day.  This can help them deepen their understanding of where they live.  Likewise watching the news can provide useful  starting points for discussing geographical issues such as climate change, flooding and how events such as earthquakes or volcanic eruptions affect people's lives.


Invest in a globe for your house and find the location of any new location that comes up in conversation.  Use Google maps and Google earth to investigate new areas.



Useful Documents

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