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Key Stage 2 Singing Assembly 'We Don't Talk About Bruno.'


 Performing Arts (Music and Drama)

 At Burpham Primary School we make Performing Arts an enjoyable learning experience. All of our children are given a wide variety of creative experiences through which we increase their social and emotional well-being, as well as building their confidence.

Performing Arts unite our school as children and staff perform together through singing. We have regular performances in school as well as in our local community, singing brings us together as one school family. In lessons we explore relevant issues and creative concepts in a vibrant, engaging manner. Our lessons are fun, they boost the children's self-esteem and help them express feelings and emotions.

Performing Arts play an important part in our lives, encouraging speaking and listening skills, empathy, self confidence, leadership and negotiation. All of our children use musical instruments which develop co-ordination and fine motor skills. Music lessons enhance mathematical reasoning and processing as well as exploring different cultures. Drama lessons develop communication, resilience and above all respect.



  • To make all pupils more musical.
  • For every child to find their voice and use it with confidence.
  • To develop our love of Story Telling.
  • To improve fluency through Text and Poetry.
  • To work cohesively across the school on Key Intentions.
  • To support with Music across the curriculum in all subjects.
  • To develop Performance opportunities for all.
  • To work inclusively across school.
  • All Year Groups to have access to Musical Instruments and to be confident in playback during class lessons.
  • To listen ‘Actively’.


  • Charanga Musical Programme and resources are used across the school.
  • Year R/1/2 have all been able to participate in Christmas Productions with an audience.
  • We have used the Jolly Music Programme with Year 2-6 to embed key Musical Terminology and encourage the students to find their voice through Music and Movement.
  • Singing Assemblies for KS1/ KS2 are held at the same time each week for Consistency with an emphasis on good technique in Singing.
  • Class Assemblies with parents invited as an audience to share topic work.
  • A Performing Arts Ipad has been available to record student work across the school and the Performing Arts webpage is updated regularly with student performance.
  • Peer to Peer feedback is encouraged across the School.
  • How to listen actively is reinforced by an audience in performances.
  • At World Book Week every Year Group has been asked to record a piece of Spoken Text by the Pupils and that will be shared with the Wider School Community on the School Website.
  • It has been reinforced across School that Music & Performing Arts is a Subject for all.
  • To focus on one particular Instrument for each Year Group and develop an understanding in progressing on that Instrument.


  • Children across the School are familiar with all Musical Terminology and encouraged to use in every Class.
  • Singing Assemblies have been used to support Cross Curricular work and build towards Performance. They have become a favourite activity for the children who are now confident enough to lead Assemblies and sing solo in front of the school.
  • Extra-Curricular Clubs in Performing Arts are well supported and the ratio of Boys/ Girls is now equal.
  • Story telling has become a class-based activity across the School and pupils are encouraged to Speak Confidently and read fluently on a daily basis.
  • Year 6 Leavers Production now re-established after Covid.
  • Year 4/5/6 choir from Performance Club have performed in the Guildford Primary Schools Music Festival at G Live & Bushy Hill Primary School March 2023.
  • KS1 Children in Parrots are Fully Integrated into Performing Arts Lessons.
  • All children participate fully in class and no one is left out.
  • Each Year group now have a Unit of work learning to play a Musical Instrument.




What children think of Performing Arts at Burpham

"In Drama you can have lots of fun"

"It helps you build up your confidence"

"I enjoy trying new styles of Music"

"We can use our imagination"

"You can express yourself well"

"Every week we do something different, it's exciting"

Book Week Performance Poetry

Please find below videos of our children performing poems to celebrate Book Week.

 Rainforest Layers.mp4Download
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