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Strategic Aims and School Development

As we emerge from a challenging two years we are excited to be looking beyond COVID-19 to the future development of our school, whilst acknowledging the impact the pandemic has had on our community.  We have reviewed our strategic aims for the next 3yrs and details of how we plan to achieve these are in our school development plan - click here to read it. 

 The plan will be monitored throughout the coming months and adapted as necessary to meet any changing needs.

Safeguarding, inclusion and equity will be a golden thread that runs through all our strategic aims.

Burpham's Strategic Aims 2021 - 2024

Teaching and Learning

We want to ensure that high quality teaching and learning enables all pupils to access challenging and creative learning.

  • Teaching staff* will review the curriculum to ensure that it is accessible and meets the needs of all the children following the pandemic and that it is suitably challenging, creative and diverse
  • Teaching staff will focus on early reading and phonics to ensure that children have the skills to access the curriculum
  • Teaching staff will provide purposeful opportunities for children to write across the curriculum
  • High quality CPD will be facilitated to support and develop all staff
  • Subject Leaders will be empowered to undertake the demands of the role
  • Teaching staff will continue to take part in research and make changes to practice based on evidence
  • Teaching staff will work collaboratively and share skills and expertise with each other
  • Teaching staff will value children’s voice when planning teaching and learning opportunities

*by teaching staff, we refer to all staff involved in the delivery of education


 We want to create a safe, sustainable and welcoming environment that excites, motivates and supports the curriculum

 The environment will support the delivery of an exciting and inclusive curriculum for all children and adults

  • The school will continue to develop and value opportunities for outdoor learning
  • Children will have opportunities for different types of play outside and will be taught how to use equipment safely
  • The school will continue to evaluate options to enhance sustainability
  • The school will look to prepare children to thrive in a technologically advancing world

 Attainment and Achievement

 We want to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to fully achieve their potential

 Teaching staff will keep parents and carers regularly informed on their child’s steps to success

  • Systems for tracking and assessing those children working out of year group will be in place so that small steps of progress can be recorded and celebrated
  • Targeted interventions proven to have an impact will be implemented and monitored closely for impact
  • Staff will understand and celebrate achievements in all areas including those outside school
  • Staff and children will understand how to do their best work
  • Continue to have high aspirations and a challenge-for all approach


 We want to promote mutually supportive and collaborative partnerships

 Parents and carers will have increased opportunities to engage with the school

  • Staff will seek opportunities to draw upon the expertise of the wider community
  • Staff will be encouraged to work collaboratively with colleagues from other local settings
  • Children will be supported to understand what it means to be a global citizen
  • The school will seek opportunities to be engaged with the community
  • The children will learn to appreciate the value of being part of their local community

 Health and Wellbeing

 We want to create a positive, happy and supportive school culture where all can flourish

 A programme of early intervention will continue to have priority in identifying and supporting children’s well-being

  • Staff and children will feel able to ask for support when they need it
  • The school will continue to prioritise a work-life balance for staff and children
  • Principles of supporting well-being across the school for all children and staff will be embedded further


 We want to develop, inspire and challenge

 Everyone will be clear on their roles and responsibilities

  • Everyone will see themselves as a leader
  • Everyone will be responsible for promoting a sense of positivity
  • Leaders in school will inspire others and encourage a solution focused culture
  • A culture of supportive challenge and professional dialogue will remain key
  • Subject Leaders will feel empowered to fulfil their role
  • Everyone will be given opportunities to share their views and opinions
  • Clear communication strategies will be in place


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