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COIN Centre

Specialist Centre for Communication and Interaction Needs (LOW COIN)

The Communication and Interaction Needs (Low COIN) centre is a specialist KS1 provision within the mainstream setting of Burpham Primary School. The Centre is an integral part of the school, offering 13 specialist places from Reception to Year 2 for children with Communication and Interaction Needs.

The COIN category can be subdivided into

  • Low COIN – primary need of speech, language and communication needs
  • High COIN with a primary need of autism.

At Burpham we are a Low COIN Centre.

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COIN specialist centres are best suited for children who will benefit from attending mainstream classes and having regular interaction with other pupils there, but who require additional specialist support at times in a smaller classroom setting with less distraction and specialist intervention to achieve their educational outcomes.

The Coin Centre at Burpham Primary School provides placements for children who have an Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP) and whose primary need is communication, speech and language.  The Local Authority manages admissions to the COIN Centre, which are separate to the mainstream admissions process, and are managed through the Surrey SEND team. 

Speech therapists from Surrey work collaboratively with the teaching staff in school; team teaching, providing advice and therapy for the children in the COIN Centre.  

The COIN centre is known as the Parrots class and has a purpose-built classroom with its own outside space.  The building comprises of the main teaching room and two smaller rooms, one of which is used for speech therapy.   Children in the COIN Centre have access to, and use of, all the facilities on the mainstream site.

What does Burpham Low COIN centre offer our children?

  • Personalised teaching and learning in the COIN centre either 1:1 or in small classes in an environment with less distraction.
  • Opportunities to work alongside their peers in mainstream classes, arranged flexibly according to individual need.
  • Support from a Speech and Language Therapist to improve their communication and interaction skills.
  • Nationally recognised strategies as part of the curriculum, to support children’s communication and interaction needs.
  • Support for children to achieve independence.
  • Experienced staff trained in meeting the needs of children with speech, language and communication needs and specific learning difficulties.

All children are together at social times such as playtime and lunchtime.   Our school is a community which reflects the variety of strengths and barriers to learning individuals have. The centre is an integral part of the school and a highly valued resource.

What is special about the teaching and curriculum in the COIN Centre?

The Centre aims to provide:

  • A sense of belonging within the whole school community, with a strong ethos of respect and inclusion.
  • A structured, safe environment with planned and supervised access for pupils during unstructured times.
  • A visual timetable and other visual supports and cues where necessary.
  • An emphasis on language enrichment and the development of social skills.
  • Opportunities for pupils to increase mainstream participation and independent learning.
  • A strong partnership between parents, carers, teachers and other professionals in planning the child’s learning programme and reviewing their progress.
  • Opportunities to improve expressive and receptive language skills
  • Opportunities to improve fluency and speech production
  • Opportunities to improve social and interaction skills
  • Opportunities to improve literacy and numeracy skills
  • Opportunities to improve attention, listening and memory skills
  • Activities to build confidence and self-esteem
  • An enabling environment where all children can be part of the school community and take part in all aspects of school life as fully as possible; including trips, sporting events, school productions, clubs etc.


Low COIN specialist centres tend to suit children who:

  • Can benefit from following the mainstream curriculum with specialist targeted support and intervention alongside.
  • Have speech, language and communication needs
  • Need an environment with less distraction in order to thrive.

.To read our COIN Centre Information Report please click here

Please take a look at our class page on the website.  There are always lots of up to date photos that show what we are learning.   Look up the class labelled COIN Centre - our class name is the Parrots.

Entry to the COIN Centre is via your SEND case officer. Please contact the school office  to organise a tour of the Centre and wider school.