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Some information for parents regarding Livestreaming.  Livestreaming is when an individual or a group of people broadcast themselves or others to an audience online in real-time. Many social media platforms offer a livestreaming feature that is available to anyone but often used by gamers, celebrities or influencers to communicate with a chosen audience. Livestreaming can be an enjoyable way to share content with followers but can also present risks around privacy and coercion as well as potential harm towards those watching.

Read the guidance for parents and carers from the Safer Internet Centre here https://saferinternet.org.uk/online-issue/livestreaming-2 


The LGFL website has lots of information for parents, especially regarding online safety.  You can access their parent resources here https://www.lgfl.net/online-safety/resource-centre?scrlybrkr=fb767142

 There is a wealth of information on the NSPCC website.  https://www.nspcc.org.uk/


The NSPCC have launched a new campaign called "Listen Up, Speak Up" and are encouraging all adults to complete the quick 10 minute training video about how to help a child who might be in need 



A guide to help parents and carers decide whether their child is ready to either stay at home or go out alone

This guide provides practical tips and advice to help parents and carers decide what is best for their child when it comes to staying home alone or going out alone.

It covers some of the risks parents should consider before making a decision, such as how their child feels about the idea and who they should contact in an emergency.

There is also a checklist for parents and children to work through together to help them prepare for different types of scenarios. This includes questions about what to do if there is an accident at home or they are approached by a stranger outside.


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