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Welcome to the Year 3 page!

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Year 3 Home Learning

 Every week, you will receive a newsletter with your learning tasks for the week. Below, you will also find a suggested timetable, which roughly corresponds to what's happening in the Year 3 pod in school. 

We think about you all often, and really enjoy hearing form you, so please do stay in touch! 

With love and best wishes, 

Year 3 Team

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 Each week we will be updating the homework below of the tasks we would like the children to complete along with the answer sheets. 

You now need a subscription to access the worksheets that accompany these lessons. We have made these downloadable for you below:

Please note*


Hi Everyone, below are both Week 10 and Week 11 worksheets. Please double check them with the corresponding videos on the White Rose Website. 

When you click on the page, automatically week 12 will appear open at the top of the page. If you scroll to the bottom you can see the previous weeks videos. Click on WEEK 11 and the videos for this week should appear below it.

Friday 10th July Week 11 - Mass and Capacity

 Lesson 1 - Answers.pdfDownload
 Lesson 1 - Worksheet.pdfDownload
 Lesson 2 - Answers.pdfDownload
 Lesson 2 - Worksheet.pdfDownload
 Lesson 3 - Answers.pdfDownload
 Lesson 3 - Worksheet.pdfDownload
 Lesson 4 - Answers.pdfDownload
 Lesson 4 - Worksheet.pdfDownload
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 Friday 3rd July Week 10 - Measuring, 2D and 3D Shapes, Telling the time

 Lesson 1 - Answers.pdfDownload
 Lesson 1 - Worksheet.pdfDownload
 Lesson 2 - Answers.pdfDownload
 Lesson 2 - Worksheet.pdfDownload
 Lesson 3 - Answers.pdfDownload
 Lesson 3 - Worksheet.pdfDownload
 Lesson 4 - Answers.pdfDownload
 Lesson 4 - Worksheet.pdfDownload
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'Live' Maths lessons to watch covering Year 3 and 4 content. These are great for recapping things we have already covered in class, and also offer a bit more of a challenge. You will need pen and paper (use your yellow book).



We have loved learning about Roald Dahl in class. The website has loads of ideas of writing tasks, based on his books. There are also other creative ideas on the website too. 



There are lots of writing activity packs on the Literacy Shed website. 



To practise your Grammar, play some games on this website.



It is a good idea to keep practising your handwriting. Follow this link to the Twinkl website. Type 'Year 3 handwriting' into the search box. Some of the best ones to use are:

 'Year 3 handwriting Practise Pack' 

'Year 3/4 statutory spellings handwriting practice worksheets'




Please try to do some reading every day: this could include reading aloud, being read to, or listening to audio books. Don't forget to keep doing some comprehension questions. This can be done verbally and doesn't have to be written down. 

Try listening to some audio books. The BBC Sounds App had lots of free books and Audible has also released lots of free books: Audible

You can also follow this link to some free audio books: Free audio books

CBBC have a book club where you can share books you have read and write reviews on them. https://www.bbc.co.uk/cbbc/shows/cbbc-book-club 

 Test yourself, and your parents, with a book quiz.                                                                                                  https://www.booktrust.org.uk/books-and-reading/have-some-fun/quizzes/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMImrKf7oe_5QIVEsDeCh1zUwl4EAAYASAAEgIPePD_BwE


The list of statutory spellings for Year 3/4 is below. You could spend a small amount of time each day learning some of these words.

As well as these, the weekly spelling lists will now be on the class newsletter. 




 Fancy some Geography based quizzes? Here are some available for free.


The Tokyo Olympics were due to take place this Summer, but have now been postponed until 2021. Here are some ways you can still get involved and support team GB!




Use Purple Mash to practice your programming, algorithms, fun animation or branching database skills. 

There are a range of activities and games you can play to practice your computing skills. Remember to always be SMART when working online...



Have a look at the following websites...

https://www.nationalgallery.org.uk/visiting/virtual-tours - Have a virtual tour of some of the Museums rooms and explore the artwork.

www.tate.org.uk/art - Tate Kids, play, make, explore and share art. See if an artist can inspire you to create your own version of their artwork.

www.scapcoloring.com - digital patterns and colouring activities - Have a go at making your own mandala pattern in your garden like we did back in Autumn.

Get Drawing: YouTube has lots of drawing tutorials, learn how to draw your favourite Disney character. 


Why not spend the time to carry on learning and consolidating all the Spanish you have learnt this year. You could also teach your family some spanish words :) Hola! Buenos Dias! Como Estas? Muy Bien! Adios!


https://www.spanish-games.net/ - Recommended by your Spanish Teacher

Thank you for these amazing videos! It so great to see everyone looking well and happy. You have all been having lots of fun with your families!