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The Burpham Way - Spread your wings and fly high!

Welcome to the Kestrels and Falcons Class Page!



                                Holly Cosslett                                   Hayley James                   

                              Kestrels' Class Teacher                  Falcons' Class Teacher        


         Kim Balchin                  Nicki Bowen                    Alison Carpenter                      Josie Loader                  

                LSA                               LSA                                   LSA                                      LSA


          Emma Long                      Carrieanne Preston                  Christine Vinten

        LSA                                     LSA                                        LSA

 Topmarks 'Hit the Button' online game is a great website or app to help us to practise our times tables, square numbers, doubles and halves. Click on the link to have a go yourself!

Year 5 making the Earth, Sun and Moon out of Papier Mache. 

Year 5 had a fantastic day learning about the Vikings.