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Here at our CoIN Centre we give children with communication and interaction needs (CoIN) the opportunity to achieve their potential; academically and socially. 

Meet the team

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If you need to contact the centre the email address is as follows:


Hello Parrots!

Parrots' Zoom Meet the Teacher Meeting with Ms Boylett

Are you sitting comfortably? Mrs Boylett would like to share a story with you! 

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Weekly newsletters and resources

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Week beginning 6th July 

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Week beginning 29th June 

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Week beginning 22nd June

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Week beginning 15th June 

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Week beginning 8th June 

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Week beginning 1st June 

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Week beginning 18th May 

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Week beginning 11th May 

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Week beginning 4th May

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Week beginning 27th April 

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Week beginning 20th April 

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Forest School....

Our weekly trips to Forest School are one of the highlights of the week. This week the children collected different leaves to make their Autumn crowns. You can see how happy they all are to be out exploring nature.


In Maths we have been exploring different shapes and as you can see from our display the children produced some great work. Good work Parrots!


Sandwich Week!

Every week we are getting busy making  things to eat. This week was Sandwich week and all the children made some yummy sandwiches and as always the fun bit was eating them at snack time!

The Bakery........

As part of Harvest week, the children have really enjoyed all the creative activities and especially the role-play at the Bakery.

Harvest Week..........


We were very busy in Parrots this week planting some Spring daffodils in our garden. The children all played their part and I think we definitely have some budding gardeners!

Forest School.........

Our weekly visits to Forest School have been a huge hit and the children are getting so much out of being outdoors exploring all the wonderful changes that Autumn brings!

Popcorn Making!We all really enjoyed making popcorn this week and the children all loved having some at snack time.

Soup Week!

As part of "Autumn" week in Parrots, we all got stuck into making some hearty vegetable soup. The children did so well chopping up all the vegetables and of course the best bit was tasting some at snack time. Well done Parrots!

Forest School

The children have really enjoyed our story this week, they went on a nature walk to find some sticks to make their  own stick family. They were all so enthusiastic!

Welcome back Parrots!

We were all so excited to welcome the children back to Parrots and to meet our new children.

We have been working hard to make sure all the children and staff are safe and the children have been great at following the measures in place.

We have had a very busy week and have certainly managed to pack quite a bit in. I hope you enjoy looking at some of the photos we took of all the different activities.

In English we have been looking at our bodies and the children have worked very hard in their groups labelling parts of the body. Good work Parrots!

In choosing time all the children have been very creative and produced some lovely work.

Visual resources to support the understanding of Coronavirus and it's guidance can be found at:   http://www.starsteam.org.uk/coronavirus-resources 

Home Learning ideas

Speech and Language

Why not have a go at some of these activities? 

 What goes where answer cards.pdfDownload
 What goes where Scene Boards.pdfDownload
 Word games for families.pdfDownload
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In English, we spend time developing all our literacy skills including our phonics and our handwriting. We aim to foster a love of stories/books with the children and use stories in a range of ways to support this. The children are often found to be role playing the book of the week or retelling it using sequencing cards.

We help the children to build up their literacy skills with a range of different strategies that include the Colourful Semantics programme which supports sentence structure, developing their vocabulary through mind maps and specific vocabulary lessons as well as using a range of visual resources to help the children in their work.

We spend a lot of time getting the children ready to write and this includes taking the time to ensure their shoulder and arm muscles are strong, through a range of gross and fine motor activities. We plan lots of opportunities for the children to mark make  including painting on big paper on the walls, using pens to draw under the tables and writing on the floor outside with chalks. When the children are ready to put pen to paper, we work hard with them to develop their pencil control and to begin to form their letters.

Encouraging your child to mark make in a variety of exciting ways, really supports their handwriting development. Examples of this include using sticks to write in the mud, using your finger to write in shaving foam and making your own paintbrushes out of leaves to paint mud outside.

Below, there are some general English activities that you can use alongside the weekly newsletter suggestions.

 What's the middle sound CVC.pdfDownload
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In Maths we are busy learning all about out numbers. We are using the Numberblocks programme to support the children’s understanding of numbers and what they represent. We are spending a lot of time getting to grips with what each number means using different representations e.g. 3 counters, 3 fingers, 3 spots on a die and the numeral 3. We love to get practical with our maths and encourage its use during the children’s play. Having a solid understanding of what each number represents, really helps as the children move forward and develop their mathematical understanding.

There are so many opportunities in the big wide world to support your child with maths such as spotting numbers on registration plates, counting the stairs as you climb, counting the fruit as you buy it in the supermarket and laying the table for dinner.

Some useful websites that have different maths resources on are:

Numberblocks resourcces. You can get the episodes on YouTube  https://www.ncetm.org.uk/resources/52060

 White Rose Maths Hub


Below, there are some general maths activities that you can use alongside the weekly newsletter suggestions.

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Don't forget to keep practicing your sounds. You can find the songs and actions here

Phase 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Qpn2839Kro

Phase 3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W8Jp5MutVlQ 

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Parrots Gallery 

Take a look at what your friends have been up to. Have you been doing the same? We love seeing pictures of what you are getting up to, keep sending them in!