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Welcome to the Reception Team


                                  Fiona Moldon                                              Ruth Cowley

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January 2018

Happy New Year to all of you!
We’ve had a very busy start to the new
term! We’re busy taking advantage of the
cold weather to think about Winter and it’s
impact upon the world.
Last week our friends in the Falcon’s class
came to join us for the first of many
handwriting masterclasses! They have
undergone training to help the Wrens and
Puffins to make their handwriting
marvellous! Both Y5 and Reception children
absolutely loved it and worked ever so hard.
We also introduced back into our play the
Everblocks. We thought hard about how we
can use them more safely and successfully.
This is the first week of our Reception
Writing Project and we’re looking forward to
seeing all of the examples of writing that our
Writing Detectives are able to uncover……

23 January 2018

We are diving into our new topic Under the Sea this week.

Both classes had a visit from a deep sea diver on Monday morning. We learnt how to communicate in the water with hand signals, found out about sea creatures in different oceans around the world and had the opportunity to ask questions about all the diving kit we saw.

Our busy activities include, role play in the yellow submarine, sharing books at the bottom of the ocean, decorating fish, labeling sea creatures, constructing boats and testing that they float. Please take a look at the photographs below.   

29th January 2018

This week our learning is focused around  'Superheroes'. 

We have been reading the story of 'Supertato' to support our writing and together we have been looking into the role of the villain. The Evil Peas have been creating chaos in all areas of our classrooms and we have been using our imagination just like Sky to think of ways the superheroes can escape their tricky traps.  

Wednesday 7th February 2018

Superhero Day

The Wrens and Puffins had so much fun during Superhero Day, they had four super challenges to complete and everyone was brave and had a go!

Super challenge 1 - designing traps to catch the baddies

Super challenge 2 - making a super salad

Super challenge 3 - an outdoor team obstacle course 

Super challenge 4 - laser beams 

Please take a look at the photos from the day, many thanks for supporting the day by providing the children with such wonderful costumes!


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Summer Term - April 2018

We’ve had a very exciting start back to the new Summer term. We have begun a 2 week study of Dinosaurs! The children are enjoying exploring the exhibits in our Natural History Museum, using the magnifying glasses and lots of fantastic language to compare and discuss the objects. Outside, Mr Worley has done more work in our Mud Kitchen to create a more stable enclosure and the children are loving the new floor. The new dinosaur topic is also inspiring lots of language in the ‘Discovery’, ‘Create’ and Writing areas, while the Maths table is encouraging the children to think about the concept of time and the vocabulary we use to measure it.

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30th April 2018

Yo, ho, ho its ‘Pirate Week’, the children are fully immersed into the life of Pirates! We have been finding out about maps, hiding treasure, constructing our own pirate ships, making telescopes, exploring how many gold coins you can place inside a boat before it will sink, writing messages to go in a bottle and investigating doubles in the maths area. Phew what a busy week it is going to be. Please take a look at some of the children in action.

22nd May 2018

The last few weeks have been ever so busy!

Last week in Big Writing we read the book Paper Dolls by Julia Donaldson. Then we were inspired to create our own Paper Dolls and take them for a play outside just like the little girl did in the story. Each of our dolls had names and personalities.

This week we are learning all about the Butterfly Life Cycle. Our very own caterpillars have formed cocoons and have turned into Monarch Butterflies. We enjoyed setting them free in our garden -they were a little slow to leave us actually. We have a wonderful range of activities to support our learning –Georgie told us ‘I want to scream I’m so excited to do them all!’

Tuesday 5th June 2018

We hope you all had a lovely half term break.

We are having great fun this week finding out about mini beasts ready for our big trip on Wednesday to Nower Wood! We went up to the allotment area just before half term with magnifying glasses and pots to see what we could find. Please take a look at the photographs as we think we might have found the largest slug in the world! We released our mini beasts together so they could have a race and we could find out who was the fastest.

Please also take a look at some of the children's learning on pattern!

19th June 2018

This week we are beginning our learning about the world ready to jump into One World Week as a whole school next week.

We have been treated to a visit today from Mr Nicholls who is a British Airways Senior First Officer flying all around the world. The children found out how long it takes to get to countries on the other side of the globe and the differences that he sees.

The classrooms have many different activities for the children to explore from a travel agents in the house outside, to a wonderful museum full of artefacts from all corners of the globe.

One World Week - June 2018

The Wrens and the Puffins had a wonderful week of activities during One World Week.  Our first stop on our magical flight was France, the children tried a range of french food, learnt how to say hello/goodbye/count to 10 and even constructed their own Eiffel Towers out of straws. Our journey took us to Africa next where we learnt how to play African drums and then onto New Zealand to have a go at the Haka. Phew what a busy day!

Please take a look at the power point below to see pictures and video clips from our day. 

July 2018

There has been lots of excitement in the Wrens and Puffins over the last week as the children have been finding out which classes they will be in for Year 1. All the children have been muddled together to create the new Robins and Finches.  To support the smooth transition between  reception and year 1 the children have begun spending time in their new classes and meeting their teachers. 


Welcome to the Wrens and Puffins!