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 Welcome to the Wrens and Puffins page, here you will find pictures of us playing and learning together, making friends and sharing new experiences.

September 2018

We are busy settling into our new routines, we have been learning how to change our reading books and how to shine on the carpet. This week we have been finding out about colour and sharing the book Brown Bear, Brown Bear What do you See?

We have been staying for lunch, trying new food and having lots of fun in the playground too!

2nd October 2018

We have been looking at the traditional tale of Goldilocks and the Three Bears over the last 10 days. To support the children’s retelling of the story we have been thinking of actions to sequence the events in order. We have also been busy ‘trying a little bit of everything both inside and outside’ during activity time. Please share the photographs below with your children at home.

New additions to our outside area

We are delighted to share with you our new construction site and wonderful new garden tool rack for the children to use in our outside areas. 

Welcome to the building site remember to wear your hard hats!
Welcome to the building site remember to wear your hard hats!

‘I’ll huff and I’ll puff and blow your house down….!’

This week we are using the story of The Three Little Pigs as inspiration for our learning. The children are busy creating story maps, huffing and puffing ping pong balls around the water table, investigating building materials and exploring in our amazing new construction site.


30th October 2018

Our learning this week is based on ‘Percy the Park-keeper’ series of books by Nick Butterworth. See below for pictures of us enjoying the exciting new opportunities for learning.

The children have been ensuring that the animals are kept warm and safe in the cold weather. They are keeping them dry in Percy’s shed! Mrs Mitchell has made some super dough park animals to hide among the dead leaves in the tough spot. We have discovered some worms in the digging pit outside so have created a wormery so we can discover how they move about. The children are looking for signs of autumn outside using a tick list.

To reinforce our numbers and support co-operative talk and play, we have created a pumpkin run. The children are enjoying rolling the pumpkins down the shoot and seeing how far they roll. They are noticing that the angle makes quite a difference.

In our creative areas the children are practising their scissor skills by snipping paper plate hedgehogs. We are sharing our ideas about how to make them even better with folding and mark-making.

6th November 2018

This week has got off to a bang, fizz, sizzle, whistle, whoosh and crackle!

We have been finding out about the Fireworks Celebration. We have been thinking about words to describe the sounds we can hear and marble painting and printing with the colours that we can see! We have transformed ourselves into Firefighters and know how to keep safe around bonfires and fireworks with the help of Fireman Sam and his Top 10 Tips. We have been busy putting out fires, responding to emergencies, running through ladders and building fire engines and its only Tuesday. Its going to be a busy week! 

Handwriting Club - November 2018

On a Thursday afternoon our friends from the Kestrels class come and support our learning of new letters. They have had training in how they can help the Wrens and Puffins children with their early letter formation. They encourage all children to sit up straight with both feet flat on the floor, hands on the table, to be ready with a pointy pencil, to start each letter on the line and to keep on going even when they find it a little tricky! A big thank you to the Kestrels and we will look forward to the Falcons joining us after Christmas.

Story Teller Visit – 14th November 2018

The Wrens and the Puffins had a fantastic morning in the company of a ‘Story Teller’ today. We learnt the story of ‘The Awongaleena Tree’ a magical tree in Africa that gives food to the animals. It was a new story for all of us which meant we had to immerse ourselves through actions and music to imagine the animals in the story. The children had the opportunity to make a character out of junk modelling and take on a role in the retelling of the story at the end of the workshop.

20th November 2018 – Dark and Light

We are being scientists this week and finding out about Dark and Light through investigations and first hand experiences. We have been working with torches in the house outside and observing the light as it travels through plastic bottles leaving patterns on the ceiling. We have been creating shadow puppets and testing their effectiveness on the white board and finding out about nocturnal animals. The children have been dressing up as Batman in the role play area and flying through the dark. dark city keeping people safe. We continue to use our Busy Bee Charts ticking off our jobs checking we are trying a little bit of everything, inside and outside!

In addition to our busy jobs our Christmas production rehearsals have begun!

27th November 2018

This week we are continuing are learning on Dark and Light alongside our rehearsals for ‘A little Bird Told Me’. We are learning the words to 7 songs with Makaton actions to sign as well as our own special words to say. We have had our first practice in the hall and found out we need to use our big outside voices on the stage! Its a busy time in the Wrens and Puffins. 

4th December 2018

December is finally here and the Christmas celebrations are well underway! The Wrens and Puffins Post Office is open for business sorting parcels for delivery and emptying the post box full of letters for Santa. We are exploring Christmas spices through our sense of smell and getting the house ready for Christmas day in the role play. We are using tools to make Christmas decorations for the tree and enjoying playing dice games with friends on the maths table!

Its just over a week to go before our big production of ‘A Little Bird Told Me’ we are all getting very excited!