Robins & Finches (Year 1)



 Welcome to Year 1 and The Robins and Finches.

Our Curriculum Overview for the year can be found in the Curriculum section of this webpage if you would like to find out more about the areas we are covering this year.

All About Me

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Meet the Teacher Information

September 2017

Useful websites:

We use some very good websites to support our learning.  Here are some of our favourites:



We use lots of different resources to help us with our maths work. We are learning to choose which resources are best to help us with our work.

We challenge ourselves with problem solving activities which require us to apply our knowledge and skills. We have to give reasons for our answers.



Adding and subtracting

We will be using the part, part , whole model to help us with our addition and subtraction.

We will look at  number stories and write an addition equation to go with our part, part , whole models.


We will be  learning to tell the time.

Can you name all the parts of a clock face?
Which is the hour hand?
Which is the minute hand?
Which direction do the hands move around the clock face?
Practise telling the time with o'clock times.
What time do you get up? Go to bed? Go to school?