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Welcome to The Jays and Doves' Class Page



                       Frances Charman                                  Jane Boylett                     Lynne Rose

                    Jays' Class Teacher                                                 Doves' Class Teachers



          Annabel Davies     Christine Hunter       Stuart McArdle             Sheryl Tayler            Carrieanne Preston

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Class Newsletter

Please click the link below to read our newsletter for the Spring Term. 


Bucket Drumming

As part of our Christmas performance, we performed Jingle Bell Rock using bucket drums. Watch the video below! 


Music Workshop

 The Jays and Doves took part in a percussion workshop. They had lots of fun having a go at using some different instruments and playing some games.  

Juniper Hall

Have a look at some of The Jays pictures from Juniper Hall. 

The Doves adventures at Juniper Hall.


The Jays and Doves have been creating dragon eyes using charcoal pencils, watercolour paints  and colouring pencils. 



The Jays have been sitting beautifully and doing some independent reading. 


Here are some useful websites to help you with your maths this year.

Times Tables

One of the objectives for year four is to learn the multiplication tables up to 12 x 12. You can play the games below to help you achieve this.

Multiples Bubble Popping Game

Learn your Tables Game

BBC Times Tables Grid Game