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Here at our CoIN Centre we offer students with communication and interaction needs (CoIN) to help them achieve their potential, academically and socially. 


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I think you’ll agree; the Parrots are amazing!

The Parrots love to monkey around!

On a Thursday, we go climbing! We have all got very brave and take lots of risks when we use the apparatus. We improve every week, getting stronger and braver. Look how high we can go!


We focused on a variety of skills this week including: sensory, imagination, reading, dexterity, number recognition and ordering. We made paper-mache planets, did some alien monster ordering, some size ordering of space objects, labelled rockets and painted planets.  The children loved dressing up as astronauts and even got to make an almost life-sized rocket! Our book corner was transformed into a space station, which really encouraged the children to engage with the books.   

As part of our space explorers topic, we have read Aliens Love Underpants. We had a go at designing some new underpants for the aliens to find. We used coloured milk to paint on to bread. We used puffy paint to create our own moons too. 


WE LOVE LEGO!   Lego never fails to capture the childrens’ imagination.  We have been painting with Lego, making mazes, building towers, designing our own Lego character, sorting into colours and even setting the Lego free from ice blocks! And of course, we let the children just build.....

Lego is fantastic for so many reasons:

  • Fine motor skills
  • Imagination, adventure and experimentation 
  • Spacial awareness
  • Patience and organisation
  • Problem solving and lateral thinking
  • Focus and concentration


This week we have been exploring how animals move: the snake slithers, the lion pounces, the frog jumps. We have even set up our very own animal hospital and had a visit from our resident guinea pigs: Cocoa and Patch.

We took inspiration from the book The Tiger Who Came To Tea by Judith Kerr.  This is a favourite of the childrens’ (and grown-ups!) The photos show us brushing the tiger’s teeth, rolling marbles through orange and black paint, making paper plate tiger faces,  putting the right number of sugar cubes in the tea cups and exploring shapes with coffe granules on the light box.  Yes, we have been busy! 

Santa Came To Town

We went on a beautiful, festive walk in Nower Wood; the children spotted badgers and foxes and owls.  They concentrated hard making their very own Father Christmas from wood; found magical, golden fir cones and even had a little sing song with Mrs Claus!  

Festive fun in Parrots.  Our young artists re-decorated our real tree......several times!


Miss Barrett impressed with her creepy slime making skills...... it even had eyes!  

Slime is a great sensory tool;  it helps with dexterity, imagination and creativity.


Depending on the activity, we target different areas of the childrens’ development.   Some examples include: fine motor skills, positive behaviour, team work, individual/self-study, manners, respect and empathy, social awareness and technology. 



Here in Parrots we focus on the overall growth and development of the child, with a daily OT session.  The primary aim of OT is to maximise the child's potential to participate in activities in everyday life.  We give the children a series of daily activities to do at home, at school, or both.  See some of what we do below :

The lovely Mrs Sayer leading our weekly yoga session :-)


Each week we will be learning a new sign and it will be coming home to practise too. You will find a video here every week of the sign in action so keep checking back. There are lots of great Makaton resources on the internet. The Makaton website and YouTube are both really useful resources.




Welcome to the ‘part - part - whole’ method.   We investigated how a whole number can be split into two or more parts in different ways. More recently, our younger Parrots’ have been delving deeper into number ordering and number recognition. 

More or less?  Number bonds.  Counting on from 10.   Hexagon,  square, or circle? Big or small?   NUMBERBLOCKS are a really useful resource to help the children with their maths. We work really hard -  take a look at the different things we have done so far...



Knowing syllables is an important part of learning as it aids reading; teaching us how to break a word up into recognisable sounds.  

We have been familiarising ourselves with the syllables in our names, and other words, by clapping and jumping as we break the words down.  

All children will do some handwriting, reading and phonics on a daily basis. 

The youngest Parrots have been matching their pictures to their names and working with the mark-making boards.  Years 1 and 2 have been sorting colours and labelling pictures of what they can see.  We have set up a reading table with magnifying glasses, chairs and torches to encourage independent reading and a sound box for the children to post the right phonic sound into the right box. 

Some of the lovely books we have read are....

The Paper Dolls

The Wind in the Willows

The Gruffalo

Aliens Love Underpants

The Tiger Who Came To Tea


The Journey

Room on a Broom 

Pirates Love Underpants

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt


I think you can probably guess the name of this topic!  There were a lot of "ooh arrs" and "walk the planks" in Parrots to start the term.  We were matching pirate pictures to words, role play, finding buried treasure and labelling pirate pictures, amongst many other things.  The children worked hard listening to and following instructions.  

The 'pirates' had some very special visitors in their ship!


Below you can see some of the fun activities the children enjoyed taking part in during our Autumn topic. 

The children really enjoyed ordering numbered leaves along a washing line, creating a puppet show using woodland puppets, finger painting trees, leaf rubbing, conker rolling plus cutting up leaves to develop their fine motor skills.  

Alongside our learning, we encourage the children to be kind and helpful to their friends.  We put a great deal of emphasis on the value of kindness, leading to a sense of satisfaction and personal achievement. 

How does your garden grow?  Check out the progress of our garden below......