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The Great Outdoors 

What could be better during this sunny weather than our new topic, The Great Outdoors!  Amongst other things, we have been looking at seeds and the changes that take place as they grow.   And what better way to find out than to plant our very own.......

WORLD BOOK DAY........finally! 

Today we finally celebrated World Book Day and the children (and adults) had a wonderful time.  We shared our favourite books, talked about the characters and even acted out the story of The Pig In The Pond.....complete with special effects from Miss Barrett involving water and splashing!! 

We have been exploring farms and their animals. As you can imagine, it’s been pretty noisy and if you look below, pretty messy!  We have been singing about, writing about, describing and even adding and taking away animals! Plus.........

 we visited an ACTUAL REAL LIFE FARM! Have a look at the fun we had.......

Did you spot Mabel and Patrick the Shetland Ponies?

We fed the chickens, stroked some Aplacas, fell in love with the rabbits and held our noses as we watched the pigs!

Sign of the week

Each week we will be learning a new sign and it will be coming home to practise too. You will find a video here every week of the sign in action so keep checking back. There are lots of great Makaton resources on the internet. The Makaton website and YouTube are both really useful resources.



This weeks sign is......


As if by magic, our outdoor area was transformed over the Easter Holiday (the magic was Mrs Preston, Miss Preston and Miss Barrett!)  

Look who visited us........


More or less?  Number bonds.  Counting on from 10.   Hexagon,  square, or circle?  It’s serious stuff in maths for us.  We have been working like little troopers and have been confidently working out all sorts of mathematical problems. 

We work really hard in maths- take a look at the different things we have done so far!

Some of the fun books we have read are....

The Pig In The Pond

Dear Zoo

We're Going On A Bear Hunt

The Hungry Caterpillar 

The Gingerbread Man


We Have Been Busy

There has been some very focused work going on........

Some useful and fun links.....