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The Burpham Way - Spread your wings and fly high!

School Council

At Burpham we greatly value the opinions of our pupils and the School Council acts as a vehicle for delivering pupil voice which is used to impact decisions made in the running of the school. At the end of every summer term, a whole school election takes place with ballot slips and a polling station to elect two school councillors from each class for the following academic year. School Council meetings are held regularly in the staff room with Mrs Marsden and there is a notice board opposite the hall door with pictures of all the school councillors and information about the projects they have been working on.


School Council members 2017-18

Parrots: George Howe

Robins & Finches: Daniel Vine & Faith Robinson

Owls: Annabel Saunders

Nightingales: Ewan Jones

Woodpeckers: Charlotte Langridge

Kingfishers: William Mello

Jays: Daniel Alsop

Doves: Lola Cowley

Falcons: William Hunt

Kestrels: Oqtay Eslamdoust

Eagles: Joe Blondrage & Hayley Scott (joint chairpersons)

School Council Achievements 2016-17

  • Tasted new menu ideas for Mrs Warden
  • Became trained as 'Meet and Greeters' to show visitors around the school. We have had amazing feedback from visitors who have been overwhelmed at the politeness and enthusiasm shown by the children showing them around and at their obvious pride in their school.
  • Conducted a behaviour walk with Mrs Marsden to assess the standard of behaviour in the school which was very good
  • Asked to have a team day each half term so that team shirts could be worn more often and canvassed their classes for ideas for these days
  • Decided which new playground equipment should be purchased
  • Devised a set of new playground rules to ensure that all children play fairly at playtimes

Playground Rules

We have fun!

We are kind, honest and respectful

We take care of our playground and equipment

We let others join in our games

We play safely and look after each other

We always keep our hands and feet to ourselves

We share equipment nicely

We respect and listen to the adults on duty

We do not kick balls on the playground

We don’t copy children who make wrong choices

We try to solve arguments calmly and ask adults to help us if there is a problem

We tidy up the equipment when we have finished

We line up quickly and quietly

We don’t run down the path


Practising meeting and greeting
Practising meeting and greeting
Tasting new menu ideas
Tasting new menu ideas