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The Burpham Way - Spread your wings and fly high!

Committee Members


Class Reps for 2020-21

Reception - Puffins & Wrens
Kathryn Croft (Oliver’s mum), Hannah Ellis (Olivia’s mum)
Alison Gordon (Rufus’ mum), Alexa Mills (Marley’s mum)
& Jo Keoghan (Harper’s mum)

Year 1 - Finches & Robins
Kath Clowser (Sebbie’s mum), Samantha Hilbert (Ava’s
mum), Katie Lang (Lottie’s mum) & Ali Kearl (Miles’ mum)

Year 2 - Nightingales & Owls
Nicola Lamprecht (Millie & Grace’s mum), Alexa
Lemzaouni (Layla’s mum), Jackie Slater (Elliot’s mum) &
Vera Sojtory (Alex’s mum)

Parrots - (COIN Centre)
Hayley Van Kasteren (Hugo’s mum)
Year 3 - Kingfishers & Woodpeckers
Amanda Cowan (Noah’s mum), Ali Fisher (Georgie’s
mum), Fay Parker (Ruby’s mum) & Elisa Zupnik (Evelyn’s

Year 4 - Doves & Jays
Susie Parker (Poppy’s mum), Holly Robinson (Aaron &
Faith’s mum), Charlotte Smith (Drew’s mum) & Imogen
Wall (Annie’s mum)

Year 5 - Falcons & Kestrels
Charlotte Briski (Lucy & Danny’s mum), Nav Sahota
(Rajveer’s mum) & Pragathi Vejendla (Rajul’s mum)

Year 6 - Eagles & Ospreys
Alexandra Pagni (Daniel’s mum) & Lorraine Prinsloo
(Abigail’s mum)*

*Ideally we are looking for at least two more Year 6 reps.
There is no Christmas Fair this year and with the circus
already planned it is largely Year 6 events to organise. If
you do think you can help please do let the Year 6 reps
Thank you in advance for volunteering ladies, we really
couldn’t raise as much money for the school without
amazing class reps to keep us all organised