Burpham Primary School

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Absences and Studybugs


 The Government expects schools to proactively improve and manage attendance.  You can read their guidance here . At Burpham our whole school attendance is consistently above the National average and we are grateful for the support that parents provide in making sure children attend punctually and are in school every day.  

If you child's attendance drops below 90% you will be informed by letter and future absences will be recorded as unauthorised until attendance improves.  This will mean that you may be asked to provide evidence for absences during this period such as a GP/hospital appointment message or prescription.  Please note we DO NOT expect you to request a sick note from your GP.

If you would like to discuss your child's attendance at any time, please contact the Headteacher, Mrs White head@burpham.surrey.sch.uk to arrange an appointment.

Illness: If your child is unwell we ask parents to use an App called Studybugs which allows you to report your child’s absence due to illness, medical appointments etc. easily and securely. You can download Studybugs on the AppStore or get it on Google Play or from Microsoft at https://studybugs.com

The advantages of using Studybugs are:

  • It is integrated with our systems so we know right away if your child is unaccounted for.
  • It is quick and easy to register and use and automatically reminds you to keep us posted. It also gives parents advice regarding illnesses.
  • You will be helping the NHS and other public health organisations to improve children’s health.

If your child has been absent due to sickness or diarrhoea, they can return to school if they have been clear of symptoms for 48 hours.


Holidays:  School holiday dates are published well in advance on the school’s website and parents are expected to plan and take their family holidays at this time, so they do not disrupt their children’s education. In exceptional circumstances Head Teachers have discretion to authorise leave in term time but parents should be aware that this is not a legal entitlement. Please note that a holiday does not count as an exceptional circumstance. To request absence for your child, you will need to complete a Leave of Absence Form.  This form can be found on this website under Parent & Carer Information/Forms/Leave of Absence Form or you can collect one from the school office.  Further information is contained in our Attendance Policy which can be found on this school website.