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You may be familiar with the use of Tapestry from your child's current nursery or pre-school

Burpham Primary School uses Tapestry as a tool to track your child's development during their year in Reception. It enables us to record their learning through their play. The photos and the notes we take of their activities provide the evidence for us that they have reached particular development stages in their learning. Our assessment of each child's progress is also supported by parental observations. Over the course of their Reception year you may find opportunities to record through video, photo or text, milestone achievements that we don't get to spot during your child's school day.  All of these observations contribute to the bigger jigsaw of their end of year assessment. 

More importantly, it gives you an insight into some of the activities that your child might  be enjoying at school! The observations that we send to you might spark a conversation about your child's day, about their friends or about their learning. It also gives you an opportunity to celebrate their key learning moments and achievements with them. 

All information is stored securely and can be downloaded and shared as required.  



My child currently has an account with Tapestry at their nursery. I am worried that if I activate their Burpham account then I will lose the data and learning record at their nursery.

(reponse directly from Tapestry) 'Both relatives and staff members can have more than one account registered under the same email address. The relative can, by all means, activate their account with you and access both profiles - they'd need to log in and out from one to the other to access the information stored no each account. However, if the other setting decides to delete their child's profile, or the relative's profile, then they will not be able to view the data/access the account. 

We would recommend that you forward this tutorial - https://eyfs.info/forums/topic/49510-having-more-than-one-account/ -to parents about having more than one account. We would also recommend that they speak to the other setting so they know what they are planning to do with their child's journal, as, presumably, they will remove it to make room for the new intake at one point. '