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Meetings 2019-20

The Dates for the Full Governing Body meetings are:

Tuesday 15th October 6pm

Tuesday 3rd December 6pm

Thursday 30th January 8am

Thursday 19th March 8am

Thursday 23rd April 8am

Thursday 9th July 8am


Please click on the dates below to see the minutes of the Governing Body Meetings:


14th September 2016 Full Governing Body Minutes

18th Oct 2016                Full Governing Body Minutes

29th Nov 2016               Full Governing Body Minutes

23rd January 2017      Full Governing Body Minutes

9th May 2017 Minutes

4th July 2017 Minutes

26th September 2017 Full Governing Body Minutes

31st October 2017 Minutes

11th January 2018 Minutes

23rd January 2018 Minutes

5th March 2018 Minutes

24th April 2018 Minutes

25th June 2018 Minutes

24th September 2018 Minutes

24th September 2018 FINAL

30th October 2018

11th December 2018

29th January 2019

14th March 2019

25th April 2019

18th June 2019