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Think a link Linking Day

Every child throughout the school was introduced to the world of 'Linking' when we were visited by Sir Linkalot from Think a link. 

Sir Linkalot began the day with an assembly for the children from Years 2 - 6, before each year group had a more specialised workshop with him. He has inspired the children to get linking and has  increased the confidence of some of the children who feel as though they can't spell well. What's more, Sir Linkalot then gave all the teachers some training so that we can all continue learning and remembering things through linking.

The children thoroughly enjoyed the day! Please look at the photos of some of the linking in action! 

This exciting day was entirely funded by the PSA through money raised via The Giving Machine. If you shop online please do sign up and download the Shop & Give reminder or the iOS app at www.thegivingmachine.co.uk/beneficiary-portal/view/burpham-primary-school-psa/ and earn free donations for our school at no extra cost to you.


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